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The art of reading and studying consists in remembering the essentials and forgetting what is not essential.

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Important Dates for Your Graduation Ceremony, Current Students

Graduating information Students who have been course completed, will be sent a Graduation Invitation via…

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Atlassian Engineering’s Handbook: a Guide for Autonomous Teams

We hire talented people and empower them to accomplish our purpose. Engineering should be rewarding…

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Finding Inspiration: 4 Ways Teachers Can Inspire Themselves

Therefore, an inspiring teacher is perhaps one that is able to facilitate, through their teaching…

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Our Design Guidelines for Teaching Programming Talkthroughs

Academy CS software engineering As we slowly ramp up content creation for Khan Academy Computer…

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Academy Teachers Bring Concepts to Integration and Education

Such integration helps students to more closely associate the practical value of learning theoretical concepts.…

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Engineering Principles Help Us Scale to Better Meet Our Mission

Growth is a goal for every organization and company. At Academy, our nonprofit mission is…

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